Transplanting brain states™ for better sleep, concentration, and performance

New brain entrainment technology uses sensory stimulation to replicate brain states by replaying recorded brainwave patterns

The Future of Neuromodulation

NeuroLight’s patented technology helps users achieve their desired brain states by using naturalistic multi-frequency dynamic waveforms derived from the brainwaves of another person in the desired brain state, unlike other devices that rely on synthetic, single-frequency static waveforms.

How it works

Brain state correlates—brain waves—are recorded from a human subject in the desired brain state (e.g., sleeping state) using electroencephalography (EEG) or other brain imaging technique.

Our proprietary algorithms extract cortical signatures from EEG recordings of the subject in the desired brain state and convert them into a naturalistic multi-frequency dynamic waveform for neuromodulation.

The waveform is modulated on visual and auditory stimuli to entrain the brain of the recipient in order to replicate the desired brain state using NeuroLight’s NeuroMask™ —our proprietary neuromodulation device.

Future Applications for NeuroLight’s Technology

We believe our technology has far-ranging medical applications beyond sleep/insomnia, including dementia, depression, anxiety/PTSD, phobias, addiction, and ADHD. Future consumer applications may also extend to accelerated learning, performance enhancement (sports, education, etc.), and emotional enhancement (VR/AR, gaming, entertainment, media advertising, etc.).

Learn more about future applications.

What is Brain Entrainment?

Every brain has its endogenous rhythms—brainwaves—corresponding to a particular brain state. When external rhythmic stimulation causes the brain to synchronize its endogenous rhythm to the external rhythm, that’s brain entrainment. The simplest example of brain entrainment is our circadian rhythms, when the endogenous awake/ sleep cycle is synchronized by the sunlight to the external day/night cycle.

The human brain has evolved to be entrained by light and sound, and it happens naturally all the time. Sunlight stimulates photosensitive cells in the retina of the eye, which sends signals to the brain that synchronize our circadian rhythms. Rhythmic music causes us to instinctively tap our feet or move our bodies in sync with the beat.

NeuroLight uses the science of brain entrainment to reproduce brain states through light and sound. It’s effective, safe, and has no side effects. And only NeuroLight uses the holistic approach of using naturalistic cortical signatures characteristic of the desired brain state.

NeuroLight NeuroMask™ neuromodulation device

Sleeping mask form factor

Visual stimulation via LEDs—photobiomodulation (PBM)

Auditory stimulation via headphones—binaural beats and isochronic tones

Waveform modulation using recorded brainwaves of the desired brain state

Who We Are

We’re neuroscientists, biomedical engineers, neuromodulation researchers, doctors, and medical device veterans, who are passionate about helping people feel better and be the best versions of themselves.

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