About NeuroLight

Helping people achieve optimal brain states — on-demand.

NeuroLight offers a groundbreaking approach to neuromodulation and brain entrainment to improve sleep and achieve optimal brain states. Building on Crick and Koch’s hypothesis that “every mental state is expressed in neural correlates,” we further hypothesized that inducing brain states’ neural correlates can induce the desired mental state. To this end, we record brainwave activity that occurs during a desired state, and induce this activity in another (or the same subject at a different time) to replicate the desired mental state. We do this via neuromodulation using light and sound.

With this technology and approach, we envision a world where anyone can realize desired brain states on-demand in order to improve their health and optimize performance.

Who We Are

Our team includes neuroscientists, neuromodulation experts, and medical device veterans who are passionate about improving lives.

Alexander Poltorak

Founder & CEO

Alex Poltorak is a scientist, serial inventor, founder, and entrepreneur with multiple exits via acquisition and IPO. He was trained as a theoretical physicist, and has had professorships at Cornell University Medical College, Touro College, and the City College of New York (CUNY). His journey in neuroscience began when he served as the assistant professor of biomathematics at the neurology departments of Cornell University Medical College. He is now focusing on brain research in general and neuromodulation in particular
Eran Benjamin, MBA, M.Sc. Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Benjamin has over 20 years experience in medical devices and neurostimulation.

Vyacheslav Zavadsky, Ph.D. Chief Software Architect

Dr. Zavadsky has more than 30 years experience in technical leadership roles in healthcare and tech.

Mosheh Poltorak Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Poltorak has over 10 years experience in growth marketing, including medical device cloud connectivity and cognitive assessment software.

Eugene Buff, MD, Ph.D. Director of Business Development

Dr. Buff has over 20 years experience in innovation management, technology transfer, IP licensing, and business development.

Our Advisors

Parisa Khosropour

Healthcare senior executive, MedTech/ medical device startup advisor and investor, and former division president at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Andy Quick

Medical device executive, current CTO of AVITA Medical, and former CTO of Boston Scientific Neuromodulation.


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