New Name Reflects Use of Light for Brain Entrainment

Suffern, N.Y., October 25, 2022—Neuroenhancement Lab, Inc., a Suffern, New York-based neuromodulation company, today announced that it had completed a major rebranding. The new name, NeuroLight, reflects the shift from using transcranial electric stimulation of the brain toward using light as the primary modality for neurostimulation, brain entrainment, and photobiomodulation.

NeuroLight is the first company to develop technology for transplanting mental states from one person to another. A pilot study done in collaboration with the Neuromodulation Lab at the City College of New York (CCNY/CUNY), used proprietary transcranial electric stimulation (TES) to induce sleep in volunteer subjects with promising results. Subsequent research identified light and sound as ideal stimuli for brain entrainment. This emphasis on light prompted the rebranding.

“Further research led us to identify light and sound as ideal stimuli for brain entrainment,” said NeuroLight Founder and President Alexander Poltorak. “This emphasis on light is taking us in new directions and prompted our rebranding and new name.”

The human brain is naturally entrained by sunlight light, which stimulates photosensitive cells in the retina, signaling the brain to synchronize the endogenous circadian rhythms to local time and day/night cycles. Rhythmic music causes us to instinctively clap hands, tap our feet, or move our bodies in sync with the beat.

NeuroLight aims to harness the science of transplanting brain states to help users achieve their desired brain states. For example, the technology may help improve the quality of sleep by recording brain states associated with various stages of sleep in healthy sleepers and then reproducing those states in the brains of people who struggle to achieve quality sleep through neuromodulation using light (photobiomodulation) and sound.

“The company’s proprietary technology could help people achieve not only better sleep but also higher concentration and performance,” Poltorak said.

Besides the new name, NeuroLight, this rebranding effort includes a new logo and website—

About NeuroLight, Inc.

NeuroLight, Inc. is a neuromodulation R&D company developing pioneering technology for transplanting mental states from one person to another (or the same person at a different time). Mental states are represented in the brain by their neural correlates—brainwaves. Transplanting a mental state from a donor to a recipient entails recording brainwaves of the donor while in a desired mental state and then stimulating the brain of the recipient with a waveform extracted from the donor’s brainwaves to induce the desired mental state. Besides photobiomodulation using light, NeuroLight also uses auditory stimulation in the form of binaural beats or isochronic tones. The first application the company is working on is the potential treatment of insomnia by entraining a patient’s brain with visual and auditory stimuli modulated with a naturalistic waveform derived from endogenous brainwaves of the sleeping donor. This technology is the subject of numerous patent applications. For more information, visit the company’s website at